After you log in to, the system will display our home page. 

Let's orient you to the key areas of this screen so you know where to look for what you need.


  • The menu of options can be found on the left side of the screen.  These are organized based on the heading of "Profile & Setup" and the 5 P's of - Planning, Product, Procurement, Placement.  (Profitability doesn't have it's own menu just yet, but that's coming in the future).
  • When you double-click on the items in the menu, a new tab will open next to the Dashboard tab with that screen displayed.
  • You can expand or collapse the menu folders by clicking on the + icon next to the folder, and doing so again will re-expand the folder of options.
  • At the top of the menu, just below the "Rule your Realm" caption, there are two buttons.  One expands all menu folders, while the other closes all menu folders.
  • You can also click on the << button, you can collapse the menu which will make more space on the screen for the tabs. Click it again to expand it. 


  • will keep you logged in for very long periods of time. In order to close your session and log off, you need to either close the tab in your browser, or click on the Logout button at the bottom of the menu.

Display Currency:

  • The Display Currency drop down at the top of the screen gives you the option to select the display currency for all currency amounts you will see on any screen or tab visible in
  • When you select a different currency, the system will refresh all the open tabs to show the newly selected currency.

Knowledgebase & Help:

  • Clicking on the Knowledgebase button opens a new browser tab and directs you to the main page of this knowledge base you are reading on this site, right now.   All of our documentation on how to use is here and you can find how-to procedural documentation, reference documentation and workflow documentation.
  • Clicking on the Get Help button opens a new browser tab and directs you to the helpdesk system where you can create and submit a new support ticket for our team to help you out.


  • At the left of the footer, you will always locate the current version information of  We have a more detailed explanation of what these mean, check out the "See Also" section below for a link to that.
  • Inventory details are synced with Amazon once a day.  The last time the inventory was synced is displayed in the footer.
  • Sales orders are synced with Amazon on a scheduled basis.  The last time we synced the sales orders is displayed here. 


  • At all times, the Dashboard tab is displayed.  You can not close the Dashboard tab.
  • Within the dashboard you can see various "current events" relating to your business.
  • Check out the link in the See Also section, below, for more details about the content of the Dashboard.

See Also: