There are two phases in getting going:

  • Technical onboarding - this is where you get your invitation code, register for an account and start the technical process of initially syncing your account with Amazon.   Mostly happens behind the scenes and our team observe each onboarding queue to ensure things go smoothly.
  • Business onboarding - this is where you configure your account so that you can perform the various functions in the system.  Depending on if you want to onboard everything at once, or if you want to do it gradually, you have flexibility to bite off as much as you want to "chew".  We also have load sheets to upload your Suppliers, Supplier SKUs, bulk edit your SKUs/catalog, and more.  So, when you're ready, we are here to help.  For a limited period of time, we are waiving the VIP onboarding fees of $199 USD and are providing that as a value-add service to make it easier for you.