Arbinon.com tracks your inventory at a very detailed level.

What this report tells you is how much inventory arbinon.com has a record of your inventory broken down by Stock Location.

This is an "at a glance" look at your inventory in total.  We would recommend using this from time to time to check your inventory against Amazon or with your own records of inventory on hand in locations to make sure that there haven't been any units go missing.

Data Explanations

This includes sellable and non-sellable units summarized on the Physical counts, Active Hold count and Available Balance counts for all of your SKUs, broken down by Stock Location for each.

Only SKUs that have at least one quantity in any of the three counts will appear.  If all three counts are zero, it does not appear on this report.

  • Seller SKU & Stock Unit Name - This is your Stock SKU and the Name of that product as entered on the Inventory Management Screen.
  • Stock Location Name - These are the Stock Location Names that come from your activities in arbinon.com, or from feeds we sync with Amazon directly.  
  • Physical - This is the total Physical Count of all units.
  • Holds - This is the total Active Holds of all units.
  • Available - This is the Available Balance of all units.

Example Screenshot

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