August 20, 2021

Feature Release 08 release to market includes:

  • REPORTS!  (FINALLY)  Two new PDF reports are introduced in this release:
    • [ENH] AID 737 - Product | Inventory Balances Summary report
    • [ENH] AID 737 - Product | Inventory Balances Detail report
  • [ENH] AID 701 - Updated the graphs on the home page to properly use the Time Zone property.
  • [ENH] AID 469 - New functionality - to keep accounts safe, we introduced a new "inactivity" timer.  If no major activity is detected in a user session after 15 minutes, a popup screen appears for 60 seconds to verify the user is still there, otherwise will automatically log the user out.
  • [ENH] AID 732 - Need a Date Selection Pop-up for When Issuing an Order - When issuing an order, a new date selection appears to capture the purchase/receiving/return order.
  • [ENH] AID 733 - Needed a new screen to input report date selection criterion.
  • [ENH] AID 738 - Modify Menu Structure & Processing to allow "Reports" Sub Menus
  • [FIX] AID 723 - Voiding an Order (QPO in particular) doesn't reverse Placements - fixed so that placements are always reversed in all scenarios.   
  • [FIX] AID 741 - POs & PO Report not using Order Price on PO Item - the PO report was referencing the Supplier SKU Price Point, which isn't bad, but just not good in case the price changes after the PO was issued.  Some accounts (mainly the Founder's account) had $1.00 as the price (because earlier versions didn't work that way), and we ran an update script to sync the Supplier SKU Price Point on the PO Items to fix that gap.  [ Teaser : This will make it possible to create PO-based reports.  (getting giddy!) ]
  • [ENH] AID 730 - Backoffice change to eliminate some useless events going into the logs.

Summary of Release

Inventory Balances Summary & Detail Reports

We are very happy to finally achieve this moment, which is the creation of reports from your data in your account... It's been a LONG time coming, and there are literally dozens of new reports on the books and planned in our ongoing development roadmap.

To us, a report is a PDF based report that looks professional.  It's not a web-based view that doesn't print worth a darn. We know that's what most of our competitors do, spit out some HTML on a web page and call it a report.  This way, they won't get all garbled because your browser is not smart enough to print it.  

You can download these reports as PDFs for your records or for distribution, and keep it for comparison in the future in case the format changes and you can't find your stuff anymore.

You can get to these reports on the new menu items in your account:

Just like any other menu option, double-click the report you want, and you will see a new tab open with the title of that report.  Below is a sample screen shot of the Inventory Balances Summary Report previewed.  

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