Inter-related with the Time Zone preference, you can set whether Daylight Savings Time is active or not in your area.

We had the option to pick this up based on whether our server is using daylight savings time or not, but that's actually an assumption.  In our province, the government has already passed into law a change that will end daylight savings time forever.  That change will be coordinated with the United States and the states which are also affected by that change.   The current global pandemic has put a hold on that change.

Knowing this may result in a non-standard application of daylight savings time in different areas, we thought it was easier to just make it a setting you can change.

The values you input are :

  • 1 for YES, adjust for daylight savings time.
  • 0 for NO, don't use daylight savings time.

On, or about November 7, 2021, we will run a script to flip that global setting from a 1 to a 0 automatically.  That change will apply globally to all accounts.

The Global default value is 1 (YES).

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