One of the key ways that was engineered using enterprise level best practices was in the way we designed our database.

100% of all dates in the database are always stored in "Coordinated Universal Time", abbreviated as UTC.  This means that every date & time in the database are stored based on Greenwich mean time.  

Since it's inception, has stored and currently shows everything as UTC.  This doesn't affect "dates", but here on the Pacific coast, any times are out by 7 hours.   For 7 hours of the day, what is entered as the 1st of the month would look like the 2nd of the month.   

Starting with Feature Release 07, we have been implementing changes so that by the time Feature Release 09 or 10 is completed, all dates and times you see on any screen or report will always be "translated on the fly" from UTC to your local time zone, which is based on your settings on your My Account.