On the MSKU Template tab, there is one button. Click on the Edit MSKU Template button to open the MSKU Template edit form shown below.

Arbinon.com generates Merchant SKU (Amazon terminology) in a format you can configure on your own.  

  • The list at the left are elements available to add to your template.
  • The list to the right are the elements that comprise the format for SKUs.
  • The separators selections at the right are the available choices that will be used to separate the elements in the template.

The Serial Number is a mandatory element.  All MSKUs generated in arbinon.com must have this.  When your account is new, it will start at 000 as a three-digit number, and go up by one.  Each time you expand beyond all nines in the serial number, the system will just add one more digit. 

To Add an Element to your MSKU Template:

  1. Click and hold your mouse on the element in the left, and drag it to the position in the right list and release the mouse.

To Remove an Element from your MSKU Template:

  1. Click and hold your mouse on the element in the right, and drag it to the left list and release the mouse.

To Reposition an Element before or after another element in the MSKU Template:

  1. Follow the steps to Remove an Element from the template.
  2. Follow the steps, above, to Add an Element to the template.

A few thoughts about MSKU coding

Ever since arbinon.com was first created and we began talking with people about how they generate their SKUs, we quickly realized there is a huge polarization on this topic.  Some people have a coding structure that works for them and they want to stick with it without fail.   Others, don't really care and are happy with whatever a system will generate for them.

The Global default MSKU Template is Today's Year-Today's Month-Today's Day-ASIN-Serial Number.  Eg. 2021-08-09-B0123456789-031.  

While that is the default MSKU Template, we do not advocate this as the best MSKU Template at all.  The only reason it is the default is because it was the format generated by the software our founder used prior to building arbinon.com.  It was familiar to him and it make transitioning to arbinon.com easier.

From a purely academic perspective, the reason people put fields of information into their MSKU Templates is because it is a handy way to know key details about a SKU.  In theory, if a system like arbinon.com is providing all the analytics and reporting to you in a quick and easy way, all that other tracking information could be gotten from a listing, report or analytics visual.  Practically speaking, only a serial number should be needed.  That's why GTINs are always numbers, they're unique and international.  It is our vision to make it possible for you to have all that meaty detail at your fingertips to the point that you don't need complex MSKU Templates anymore.