August 6, 2021

Feature Release 07 release to market includes:

  • New Preference Settings:
    • Time Zone
    • Daylight Savings Time Active
  • New Amazon FBA Removals screen under the Placement menu heading
  • [ENH] Other new super secret new feature in development. :-)
  • [FIX] AID 728 - Sales grid on homepage dashboard would split out the same SKU if the description was different in different marketplaces -- now shows based on the Stock Unit title and consolidated as expected.
  • [ENH] AID 731 - Internal technical enhancement.

Summary of Release

New Preference Settings

It may not seem like much, but this is actually the coolest part of this release.  Let us tell you why...

In a previous communication, we announced that FR07 was going to be a break from our FR06 development track that focused on inventory COUNTS, and onto that delicious topic of money, money, money -- which means.... Yep.... finally... REPORTS, REPORTS, REPORTS.

Up until now, there's been a big problem, and that's one of TIME.  Every date in is always stored in Greenwich Mean Time (or more accurately, Universal Time Code).   So, being here in Victoria, Canada, that means 7 or 8 hours different than UTC time at any given time in the year.

If you want a report for "Today", when EXACTLY is that?  What is TODAY?   If it's midnight here in Victoria, it's 3am over in Florida.   So, if you were to run a report on "TODAY", you could be missing several hours of data.

The exciting news is that we have indeed started writing queries for several reports, but also had to solve the problem of TIME.  So, we needed to push that out now, so we could get to work on making new reports for TODAY, tomorrow...

New Amazon FBA Removals screen

The new Amazon FBA Removals screen was born out of a moment of frustration.  Wasn't even close to being on our radar before this week!

Basically, to solve a bunch of issues in trying to get organised and track incoming FBA Removals in 30-ish boxes and bubble mailers, our founder decided he needed something to track all that inventory in a way that was easy to just scan barcodes and toss the items in the boxes into some bins based on their category.  That allows for rapid receiving and processing and way less wasted space around the limited space in the warehouse!

This also makes it possible for that dreaded "Death Pile" to be a lot more manageable and easier to stay on top of.