Origin Story

Arbinon.com was founded by a Canadian Amazon FBA seller.  Up here in the True North Strong and Free, we don't have the same tools as our American counterparts.   Whether it's marketplace support or Canadian->US Dollar currency support, most options were just lacking.

At the time of starting the development of arbinon.com, our founder was doing about 95% Retail Arbitrage.  The development direction started with a fairly heavy RA focus.  Over the few years this platform was being developed, so did the founder's selling business...  The shift from 95% RA went into reselling Wholesale about 90% and Online Arbitrage 10%.  For the past 2 1/2 years, he has used arbinon.com for all his inventory purchases and FBA inbound shipment creation.  This has resulted in a broad feature set.  In addition, he has begun selling on other platforms outside of Amazon FBA, including some Amazon Merchant Fulfilled, and other marketplaces in Canada and the United States, which creates new challenges for inventory and sales order data.

Where we are choosing to focus our energy is on honing in on the features and needs that wholesale sellers can get the most value out of.  Here's why: typically, wholesale involves bigger more formal workflows and possible team efforts to execute at scale.  That's more complex and complicated.  We decided to work on that first, so that we can take most of those features and "tuck them" into "advanced" views or menus in the future, add some handy wizards and pre-sets, so that it's far more compatible with RA and OA business models.

For example, in order for Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to work in arbinon.com, inventory must have been purchased, received and sold in order to activate that logic.  In wholesale, that means creating a PO for a supplier, handling the Receiving to makes sure it all arrived okay.  That process still needs to happen for our RA/OA customers, so we created a Quick PO screen that combines the purchasing and receiving into one step for a single SKU at a time.

You can absolutely get started with arbinon.com if you are not doing wholesale. We've got your back. We're just going to optimize those workflows in future workflows so that specialized screens for wholesale are available for you if you're doing that, and specialized screens for you if you're doing arbitrage.

Now and the Future

Arbinon.com is currently releasing Feature Release 06.  Our two main focuses on FR06. 

  1. Roll up all the recommendations and suggestions for workflows and features from real customer feedback from the private preview we did in FR05.  
  2. Huge focus on inventory count management.  

Feature Release 07 will have a huge focus on money, moneymoney.  We're already syncing Settlement Reports with Amazon, but not fully leveraging that.   We have a lot of plans under this but, we wanted to focus on the inventory first, and the money end of the business second.  

Beyond that, we have hundreds of small, medium and large ideas on our roadmap.  For obvious competitive reasons, we're keeping that on the down-low.  

Have a feature idea, need or suggestion?

Head on over to our Forums where you can contribute with others and get your ideas visible for all to see.   The more people like or need something, we will definitely look at all ideas!