Many of our members use prep companies.  The great thing about is that we have setup FBA Inbound Shipments so that you can work with your prep companies.

Below, we outline two workflows based on who creates the shipments in Seller Central.   These are not intended as detailed procedures.  For detailed step-by-step, look for the How-To guides on the shipment creation processes.


Workflow 1 : You Create Shipments’s FBA Inbound Shipment Creation screen lets you create your FBA Inbound Shipment plan, add the items to the plan and then confirm your proposed shipments, thereby creating them in Seller Central.  

Once that confirmation step is completed, you can go into Seller Central, enter the Shipment Management screen to download the FNSKU labels as a PDF if the prep company needs the labels.

Additionally, you can select the Spreadsheet option for the Box Contents, and that will display a place on the web form where you can select the Spreadsheet or CSV format, number of boxes and click a button to generate the template.  Amazon will refresh and display a downloadable file you can provide to your prep company, if they need it.

Once your prep company has provided to you the completed box contents spreadsheet, you can go back into, locate your shipment, add the number of boxes to your shipment you need, and begin allocating the units to each box.  

Once that is done, you click the Submit Feeds button and will sync the feeds and the shipment items to Amazon.   If this is the first time you are listing a SKU for an ASIN, the listing will appear as Suppressed because it is Incomplete.  You will need to add your selling price to it in order to complete the setup of that MSKU.

Submitting pricing feeds is on our development roadmap but wasn’t a first priority.  Since most of our customers seem to use automated repricing software of some sort, that step gets handled automatically so we didn’t code for it yet.


Workflow 2 : Your Prep Company Create Shipments was built to facilitate the creation of FBA Inbound Shipment Creation with box level content details.

When your prep company is creating the shipments, you can totally skip this screen completely.  Your prep company will create it directly in Seller Central or using a software of their own.  

Keep in mind, that the Shipments grid in the bottom left corner of the FBA Inbound Screen is only going to show FBA Inbound Shipments created with   We do not sync with shipments created outside our workflow.