In order to start registering for a new account, you need to enter an Invitation Code.

Where do I get an Invitation Code?

Every member on can create invitation codes.  That one-time use code can be shared with your selling friends who already have an Amazon account.  

In order to create a new account, you will need to know somebody who can give you that code to get onto our platform.

Why do I need an Invitation Code? is a new service.  We are bootstrapping our success story.  Lots of services like ours are funded by Venture Capitalists, but since we're focused on delivering on our vision to make our members kings of their realm, that means new servers and support efforts need to come from operational revenues.  

So, after we brainstormed some ideas, we decided that we would use the same idea that worked for Gmail and Pinterest when they got started, and make an invitation based system -- at least while we get started.