For now, you can not create FBA Inbound Shipments in with expiry dated products.  

Our founder got started in his Amazon journey which included retail arbitrage of grocery items. It gets complicated to track and manage all those expiry dates for products.

Amazon claims to use a FIFO based approach to selling products, but our experience has been that even though they keep your products separate from other sellers, they will commingle your expiry date products by FNSKU.   This results in accidental picking of expiry dated products out of a sequence you planned, and they may ship newer products before the older ones.

There are other issues in the FBA receiving process whereby they will errantly mis-enter the expiry dates in their system where months and day are flipped and something that should expire on December 5th, now expires in their computer on May 12th.   Not ideal.

Fortunately, Amazon is taking efforts to enhance their workflows for expiry dated products and we are hoping for that to be a more streamlined process.

Behind the scenes, we have already built the plumbing for expiry dated products and have logic to help you manage and streamline that.  However, we ran out of time to finish it the way we wanted, so we temporarily took that functionality out.

Amazon has also announced recent changes that are coming up for July 2021 for the feeds API which requires us to include expiry details with feeds, so the good news is this isn’t far around the corner.  We have some good ideas on how to manage this a bit better and simplify the tracking process for you.

Additionally, to help you plan your expiry dates better, you can also take a look at the Expiry Date Calculator feature located in the portal under the Planning menu.  Use that calculator to figure out if expiry dates are far enough out there to make a buy decision.