does not support uploading Hazmat details in the product feeds to Amazon.

Hazardous Materials (“Hazmat” for short) are components or products that are of a combustible or potentially harmful to humans or the environment, if they are not contained, stored or transported properly.

In other words, Hazmat need special handling.

From an Amazon perspective, they are concerned about Hazmat products because of the legitimate concerns around the safety to their employees and customers.  Amazon routinely assesses if individual products are or potentially are Hazmat.  

ASINs that Amazon flags for investigation are initially flagged out as “Under Hazmat review”, which immediately suppresses that ASIN and all Seller Offers until the Hazmat review is complete.  Amazon may do that on their own, or more likely, they will send notifications to all sellers who had an active listing to submit various material safety data sheets, inspection reports, certifications, and the like, to establish with certainty if a product is Hazmat or not.   If it’s not, and the documentation supports that, then the Hazmat review will conclude and the flag is lifted and the ASIN is activated and so will all the offers in the marketplace.

Just because something is Hazmat, doesn’t mean it's game over.  Based on seller metrics, and your completion of certain mini-courses on Amazon’s Seller University, you may be invited to participate in the Hazmat Program at Amazon.  You will be required to apply to that invitation, send some information, and if approved, you can send in some Hazmat products to Amazon FBA.  While most Hazmat types are forbidden, they will allow certain products, and you will get more details from Amazon along that journey.

Once you have been accepted into the Hazmat Program, you would be eligible to create FBA Inbound Shipments for those products and send in your products.  Amazon’s Partnered Carrier discounts will not be available to you under the Hazmat Program, and you will have to source your own carriers to get those products to Amazon.

When creating FBA offers on listing on Amazon, you are always required to submit Battery information and Hazmat information.  

As of today, does support creation of Battery Presets which populate those battery details in the offer feeds we upload to Amazon during the FBA Inbound Shipment creation workflow.

Few sellers (including our founder) use the Hazmat program, so we couldn’t reliably test this. does not support uploading Hazmat details in the product feeds to Amazon.  If you be in the Hazmat Program and would see value for supporting Hazmat in, please reach out to us and let us know.  If enough people want that, we will add support for that functionality.