How we connect to Amazon

Amazon provides a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for 3rd party application developers to connect with your account through secure means, and allow us to download the same reports you see in Seller Central in a safe and secure way.  

In order for that to occur, we connect our Amazon Developer ID to your Seller ID as an authorized application in your Seller account.  This allows us to connect and sync order, inventory, shipment and settlement details with Amazon that is specific to your account.

What we sync with Amazon

Most of what we sync with is one-way, meaning we are only downloading new information from Amazon as it becomes available and bring it into our database so that we handle all the processing on our side.   So, in that sense, we don't modify any of your inventory or order details on Amazon.

We do two-way communication with Amazon for FBA Inbound Shipment creations.  We will create the shipping plan, shipments, shipment items, and box content details.  Those are interactive, so when you add a new item to your shipment, we immediately sync that with Amazon and you would also see that appear on that shipment in your Seller Central screen for FBA Inbound Shipments.  When you are done your shipment creation, you can submit feeds which includes two things: first, the box content details (what quantity of what SKU/ASIN are going into which box), and where needed we will create a new FBA Merchant SKU listing on Amazon (in order to get the FNSKU).  

Specific reports we use to sync your accounts:

  • FBA Inventory Event Detail report
  • FBA Monthly Inventory History report
  • V2 Settlement report
  • FBA Manage Inventory Archive report
  • FBA All Orders by Last Update report

When we sync with Amazon

Depending on the type of information being synced, we may be syncing with Amazon interactively (ie. you add an item to an FBA Inbound Shipment, it syncs right away). syncs with Amazon every few hours (a little bit more often during daytime hours), and a couple times an hour when you've logged in.  

On your home page in, you can see how long it's been since we synced your account data.  Note at the bottom of the screen, you will see something like this: